Find out how many crypto coins are there and why they are so popular in the financial world
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Find out how many crypto coins are there and why they are so popular in the financial world

Deborah GillainsSeptember 28, 2021



It is time for you to adapt to new technologies and buy cryptocurrency to improve your economy. Before buying cryptos, you have to get into context about what this virtual currency means. A list of cryptocurrencies is a decentralized currency that a specific bank does not back, government, or country.

You will not see the physical cryptocurrencies because they are virtual assets that only serve as investments or trade. These cryptocurrencies have been working since 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto, who is still an unknown person or company, created Bitcoin and released it. Cryptocurrencies are backed by the Blockchain network that works with a ledger where all virtual operations are kept.

With a basic notion of crypto, you should also understand how they earn their value online. These virtual currencies increase or lose their value due to the supply and demand they have worldwide. The more people use cryptocurrencies, the greater their demand will be, which will affect their purchase price.

If, for example, you want to buy a Bitcoin that is around 49 thousand dollars, you are generating a demand throughout the market. For that transaction you made in the cryptocurrency, its value may increase by 10% or even more. More than 10,000 people invest in cryptocurrencies every day just as they exchange them for dollars, euros, or any fiat currency.

If you want to buy the best cryptocurrency, you will have to be guided by Bitcoin with the highest value. You also have around 8 thousand cryptocurrencies to buy; you have to find a wallet that has them. It is important to know that you can buy decentralized and stable currencies linked to the price of the dollar, euro, or Chinese yen.

How to buy cryptocurrencies? Know what the steps to have them are.

Now that you know in theory what cryptocurrencies are, you may be motivated to buy them from home. You have to comply with a series of steps to have these virtual assets:

• Sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet

The first thing you have to do to buy your crypto is searched and register for a cryptocurrency wallet. You only have to search the internet for a crypto web wallet or an application to use from your mobile. Among the most popular cryptocurrency buying websites are Binance, Kraken, or Gemini.

Cryptocurrency wallets are very secure, so you should not hesitate to enter the data. Many of these web platforms will ask you to verify your identity long before you can buy cryptocurrencies.

• Enter the purchase option

With your complete profile on the cryptocurrency platform, you only have to go to the purchase option. You have to access the top panel of the crypto wallet and press the "P2P" option to start the purchase.

• Select the cryptocurrency

In peer-to-peer, you will have to select the cryptocurrency you want to invest in, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. Their value usually distinguishes these cryptocurrencies, and you can buy satoshis of each token, not necessarily the entire crypto. When you choose cryptocurrency, you will only have to wait for a merchant to provide a reliable payment source.

• Make the payment

You will have to contact the cryptocurrency merchant to start paying by credit card, transfer, or bank deposit. These purchases are secured so that you confidently release the money and store your cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Within these cryptocurrency platforms, you can also sell your tokens or transfer them to a friend.